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Our licensing department appreciates the opportunity to meet with and guide prospective foster parents through the licensing process. They will meet with current foster parents who may have questions or concerns regarding their license and work with them to reach acceptable answers.

We strive to make lasting, well-planned placements with the foster parents' skills and the children's best interests in mind.

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Foster parents are assigned a Case Manager to work with them and the children in their home. Case Managers complete safety checks, work with State Social Workers to ensure the child's needs are met and their rights are honored.

Wraparound is a planning process that follows a series of steps to help children and their families realize their hopes and dreams. The wraparound process also helps make sure children and youth grow up in their homes and communities. It is a planning process that brings people together from different parts of the whole family's life. With help from one or more facilitators, people from the family's life work together, coordinate their activities, and blend their perspectives of the family's situation.


We offer training sessions throughout the year. Foster parents and employees are required to attend.

Training sessions have included: 16 hours Pre-service Training, and in addition 24 hours annually of minimum licensing requirements, which includes, but not limited to: Mandated Reporting, CPA Investigations, PAY/SAY, Love and Logic, Reactive Attachment Disorders, Drug and Alcohol Education, Verbal De-Escalation, Bright Futures for Mental Health, Visitation Training.

The Mullen-Polk Foundation also provides staff and foster parents in: Non-violent Crisis Intervention, First Aid, HIV/BBP and CPR certification classes.

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Our Next Generation offers a caring, therapeutic environment where adolescents build new hop​e for the future by gaining responsibility, learning to make healthy choices and demonstrating self-sufficiency.​


Our Center offers a wide range of services, or can refer you to someone who can help. 

We pledge to provide a fast, friendly and professional response to your family’s needs.

We just need to know what you need, and our staff will help find some realistic options for the problems you’re facing. 

Our whole purpose is to help you, or connect you with the people who can.

Services are free!

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You Can Make a Difference In The Life Of a Child.

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