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The Mullen-Polk Foundation reaches out across Washington State and the nation to help children who are the victims of neglect, abuse, and abandonment. Our focus is to provide services for all children and families involved in the foster care system.


Our services include: recruitment, training, licensing, placement, case management and adoption services for our foster and adoptive

families. The Mullen-Polk Foundation provides our licensed foster and adoptive families with the training, tools, and compassionate support
needed, that gives each child in their care every chance to succeed. We are licensed by the State of Washington as a child placing agency for family foster care, therapeutic foster care, and adoptions.


Our priority will always be to provide the highest-quality care for the children placed in the homes of our foster and adoptive families.




A smiling child with short brown hair, brown eyes, and a cheesy grin where they're missing a front tooth.
A large family with a mother, father, and three small children cuddled up and posing for their pictures.
A close-up portrait of a young child with their hair braided into a long locs and pulled into a bun.
A young woman smiling for the camera while carrying a small grinning child on her back.


The Mullen-Polk Foundation empowers foster youth to thrive through pathways of restorative care, community connection, programs, and services.


Mullen-Polk Foundation will be the model of choice serving the growing number of foster youth in Southwest Washington.


Collaboration: Clients, Partners, Community

Access: Right, Universal Rights, Collaboration

Empowerment: Build on Self-Empowerment, Self-Determination, Leadership, Safe Space

Trauma Informed: Empathy, Compassion, Safety, Advocacy

Inclusion: Equity, Intersectionality, Social Justice

Relationships: Integrity, Diverse, Enduring


Behavior Rehabilitation Services (BRS) is a temporary intensive wraparound support and treatment program for youth with extreme, high-level service needs used to safely stabilize youth and assist in achieving a permanent plan or a less intensive service. These services can be provided in an array of settings and are intended to safely:

•Keep and/or return the youth to their own homes with wraparound supports to the family.

•Reunify or achieve alternative permanency more quickly.

•Increase family based care by using a wraparound approach.

•Reduce length of service by transitioning to a permanent resource or less intensive service.

Our job is to assist in reducing the youth’s negative behavior patterns, increase school participation, increase community awareness, locate long term placement and increase the youth’s overall potential to reach permanency. Another emphasis of the Mullen-Polk Foundation Child Placing Agency is to develop necessary supports which would allow the youth to maintain or develop a permanent family connection and to reside in his/her own community in an identified permanent resource.



Battle Ground School District

Boy's & Girls Club (Vancouver, WA)

Catholic Community Services

Children's Home Society (Vancouver, WA)

Clark County Juvenile Probation

Clark County YMCA


Community Warehouse (Portland, OR)

The Cowlitz Indian Tribe

Education Services District 112

Evergreen School District

Family Solutions



GameStop (Vancouver, WA)

Hi-School Pharmacy (Vancouver, WA)

IQ Credit Union

Molina Healthcare

Portland Housing Center

SeaMar Community Health Centers (Van. WA)

The Truth about Drugs


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